Matt O’Neill
sag-aftra, aea
"Matt is the total package! Leading man good looks & an amazingly talented character actor with the range & chops to portray the most challenging characters, whether dramatic or comedic. He immerses himself into his roles. He has a presence & intensity that burns straight through the screen."

Officially in pre-production on The Promise. A Feature Film Matt’s producing, co-wrote & will star in. Vernon Wells & Lovlee Carroll officially attached as well. More news coming soon! 

First official table read of The Promise!

Official Selection! Matt’s film directorial debut is going to India!

Also in pre-production on Sangre Del Carmen. A modern feature film adaptation of Prosper Merimee’s classic short story, Carmen. Matt is producing and will star opposite Lovlee Carroll once again. Written & Directed by award winning writer/director Max Myers.

Edgar Allan Poe’s: The Lighthouse Keeper! WINNER!! Best Narrative Feature Film, Central Coast Filmmakers Showcase in the San Louis Obispo Int. Film Festival. Matt stars withVernon Wells & Rachel Riley. First official Press release & photos HERE.


“Matt O’Neill makes you want to LIKE the bad guy! As a director I have to remind myself to give Matt more than one take. He Crushes his lines every time the first time! I’m so impressed, I move on. I need to learn to see what he has next!!”
-Tony Toich, Director

"Matt was a pleasure to work with, 200% professional. When I decided
to merge four scenes into one long steadi-cam shot the day of the
shoot, he had to recite five pages of dialogue throughout a twelve
minute long take. Matt was excited for the opportunity, and didn't
miss one word."
-Edward James Anderson, Director

"I needed a great actor with leading man good looks, dark, edgy, but also sympathetic.  Matt O'Neill was the whole package."
-Benjamin Cooper, Director/Producer PRIMITIVE and Edgar Allan Poe’s: Lighthouse Keeper

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